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Confirmation Class


Confirmation Classes to Begin Spring of 2020

Pastor Steve will be starting a confirmation program for our young people beginning after Easter with a target of confirmation in the early fall.  Confirmation is the time when young people affirm the vows made on their behalf at the time of their baptism, or a time for young people who have not been baptized to profess their faith themselves and make a commitment to be an active and integral part of the faith community.  There will be a gathering of youth and parents to go over the program and set a flexible schedule that takes into consideration the varying commitments that our young people have.

While there is no specific age requirement, this class is recommended for young people from 6th grade and up at the time of confirmation.  Class content and process will be developed based on the ages of those who are interested.  Young people who are interested in becoming professing members of the church should let him know during the month of March at ( or 973-214-1698).