Best Betway

Administrative Committees & Ministry Teams

Church Council
Chairperson:  Bud Larson

The Council meets monthly to implement the vision for our church and coordinate the work of the various committees. The Council approves the annual budget and makes all final decisions regarding the church’s ministry. The Council is made up of the Chairpersons from all the ministry teams, as well as at-large members.

Worship Committee
Chairperson:  Allison Sidoli

The Worship Committee oversees all things related to the worship life of the church. The committee meets regularly to plan and share ideas. The Worship Committee is responsible for decorating the Sanctuary for the different seasons, holidays and special occasions, for providing and preparing the communion elements, and participating in the worship services as needed.

Congregational Care Team
Chairperson:  Pat Schutz

This team is responsible for working with the Pastor to provide care for members of the congregation and the community when they are in need. This team coordinates Sunday refreshments, greeters, nursery and special events. They visit and help care for sick or shut-in members, reach out to guests with notes and calls, distribute afghans and work with the prayer change and special one-on-one ministry.

Missions Committee
Chairperson:  Kathy Scehovic – Co-Chair:  Pat Schutz

The Missions Committee disburses funds to our mission efforts locally and internationally, including money raised by the Church Mouse Thrift Shop.

Chairperson:  Allison Sidoli

The communications committee oversees all publicity and communications for the Church, including advertising, church newsletter and website and internet access.

Church & Society
Chairperson:  Sandy Svenningsen

The mission of the Church & Society Committee is to help church members respond to pressing social issues and advocate for peace and justice.

Staff Parish Relations Team
Chairperson: Cullen Kempson

The Staff Parish Relations Team recommends salaries for staff and carries out staff evaluations. Members interview clergy when a new appointment is being made and they hire non-ordained staff members as needed, for example, music director, administrative secretary, etc.

Nominations/Lay Leadership Committee
Co-Chair:  Sandy Svenningson

The Nominations Committee works with the pastor to help church members find places they can best serve for their fulfillment and the good of the Church.

Finance Team
Chairperson:  Rich Kelley

The Finance Team oversees all financial matters in the life of the church, including the preparation and ongoing maintenance of the annual budget.


The Trustees are our legal corporate officers. They handle insurance needs, building and property maintenance, and receive bequests or other gifts on behalf of the Church. They also oversee the Capital Fund.