Schedule and Sermon Series

Sermon Series for the Season of EASTER

What Kind of a Christian Are You, Anyway? (on a scale of 1 – 10) 

Did God Send Jesus to Die?  Or Did God Send Him to Live?  Acts 2.14, 22-32

Is Religion About Me?  Or is it About Us and Others?  Acts 2.42-47

Is Jesus God?  Or Is He Just A Very Cool Guy?  Acts 2.36-41

On Heaven and Hell: Making Reservations or Having Reservations? Acts 7.55-60

Is Jesus the Only Way?  Or Is He Our Way? Acts 2.1-21

Predestination or Prevenient Grace? Acts 17.22-31

Is Christ Coming?  Again?  – But how? Acts 1.6-14

To be Continued…

The Bible – Written by God or the Story of God (written by people)?

On Salvation:  Born Again? Or Still Growing Up?

Evangelism is a Bad Word – Social Media and the Book of Mormon


Loving God Through the Wilderness

Understanding the Power Jesus’ Command when we need it most.

Loving God When We Are Afraid
Matthew 4:1-11

Loving God When Things Are Ugly
Romans 4:1-17, John 3:16-17

Loving God When We Are Just Plain Angry
Romans 5:1-11

Loving God When We Are in Trouble
John 9:1-41

Loving God When People Die
John 11:1-45